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Billing & Customer Service

  1. Application for Connection

    Application for water/sewer

  2. Application for Water/Sewer Adjustment

    This application is to be used for adjustment requests to water and/or sewer billing charges.

  3. New Service Application for Water Billing

    Water Billing Utilities Setup Application Form

  1. Application for Excess Water/Sewer Letter

    Letter for explanation of excess Water/Sewer Adjustment

  2. Container Service Contract

    Commercial Container Service Contract

Grants Management

  1. Community Development Block Grant Application

    Community Development Block Grant application

Office of the City Secretary

  1. City of Port Arthur - Peddlers, Solicitors, Itinerant Merchant or Charitable Solicitation Application

    Instructions to Applicant: All required applicable blanks must be completely, accurately and thoroughly filled in. Failure to fill in... More…

  2. Poll Workers Application

    Information Form For Potential Poll Workers. You must be a registered voter in the City of Port Arthur. Training is required for all... More…

  1. Information Request Form

    Information Request Form (Open Records Request). Texas Government Code, Chapter 552, gives you the right to access government records... More…

  2. Speaker Request Form 2018

    Residents/Nonresidents wishing to address Council may do so by notifying the City Secretary no later than 5 pm on the Thursday prior to... More…

Public Information Office

  1. Request for Publication on City Website

    The City of Port Arthur website is operated and funded by the City. The website will post information for and about City services,... More…

Public Works Forms

  1. Banner Application

    Application for Banners to be hung throughout the City

  2. Stormwater Permit Application
  1. Culvert Installation Application

    Application for culvert installation.

Water Utility Administration

  1. Application for Excess Water/Sewer Letter

    Letter for explanation of excess Water/Sewer Adjustment

  2. Permit for Pretreatment Program Entry

    This is a form for application into the Pretreatment program/permit application.

  1. Industrial Waste Survey

    Pretreatment Industrial User Waste Survey