City Attorney

The City Attorney is appointed by City Council and represents the City of Port Arthur in all legal matters and provides legal advice to the Mayor, City Councilmembers and City administrative staff. The City Attorney drafts the legislation upon which City Council votes when setting the policies of the city, attends City Council and other board meetings to advise City officials and representatives regarding legal matters, selecting and managing outside counsel to represent the city in specialized litigation and other legal proceedings, prosecuting misdemeanors in the city's Municipal Court and advising and assisting every department of the City regarding legal matters. 

Legal Opinions

The City Attorney's office does not provide legal opinions on private matters that do not involve the City or an employee of the City acting in their official capacity.


The City Attorney's office cannot refer individuals to a specific attorney, or endorse any attorney in private practice. If you are in need of legal representation you may call the Jefferson County Bar Association at (409) 835-8647.