Water Utility Billing

The Water Business Office or Customer Services handles billing and collection activities for over 18,000 water meters in service and over 18,000 solid waste customers. Customer services include over 10,000 connects, disconnects, and transfers of service locations annually, as well as emergency services as required throughout the customer base. The department reads every water meter in the ground 12 times a year, and assists other departments with emergency situations as necessary.

Here are just a few of the services our Customer Service/Utility Billing offers:
  • Right to request confidentiality
  • Opening a new account
  • Establishing new service
  • Moving to a different location within the city
  • Moving out of the city
  • Deposits
  • How to pay monthly bills
  • Leak adjustments
  • Reasons for service cut-off

Water Services

What is the Readiness to Serve Charge?

A "readiness to serve charge" (based on the demand availability determined by meter size) is designed to collect revenues to cover operating and maintenance expenses. It is also known in the water industry as a meter charge.