Water Utility Administration


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The Water Utilities Administration Division oversees the administration of the following divisions:

The City of Port Arthur Water Utilities Department exists to serve the water resource needs of the population of the City of Port Arthur geographical area.

The Water Utilities Department works hand in hand with the Fire Department to serve the citizens of Port Arthur. The Fire Department flow tests the hydrants annually and paints them with paint supplied by Water Utilities Department, color coding the hydrants as necessary. The Water Department is responsible for supplying the paint for the fire hydrants, as well as their repair and replacement.
Water Utilities Strategic Plan


To provide our customers the highest quality water and wastewater services with a sustainable water supply at a practical cost with excellent customer service.


To improve the quality of life by providing exemplary water and wastewater services and sustain the future of our community through strategic planning and implementation of diverse and alternative strategies.

As an evolving utility in a stable region, the City of Port Arthur Water Utilities Department anticipates, plans for and reacts to the changing environment in which it operates. Through cross-functional diligence, the Utility seeks to deliver ever-increasing value to its customers while promoting orderly progress in its service area.

We encourage the participation of the public through open and honest communication at all levels with all stakeholders.

We create an enterprise for leadership, which is reflected in our technology, management style, critical business practices, and vision.

Most importantly, it is reflected in our employees whose diligence is the cornerstone of the success of the Utility. To that end, we continually work to develop the capabilities and initiative of our employees and leadership. We believe that it is through their efforts that the Utility will continue to excel, recognizing the criticality of the mission with which we are entrusted.

With our stakeholders as partners, we envision a bright future of water availability, technological innovation, and support of economic growth for the personal, commercial, and industrial benefit of City of Port Arthur.