Citizen Feedback (Commendations and Complaints)


If you would like to file a complaint regarding an officer of the Port Arthur Police Department for any reason including, but not limited to, a citation, written warning, or verbal warning issued by a Port Arthur Police Officer, you may file a complaint three different ways:

  1. By sending an email to or completing and submitting the Complaint Form.  You will be contacted in a timely manner regarding your complaint.
  2. By postal mail addressed to Port Arthur Police Department, Attn: Administration, PO Box 1089, Port Arthur TX  77641
  3. By phone at 409-983-8614.

State Law requires that formal complaints involving police officers be sworn under oath and notarized.  For that reason, Internal Affairs attempts to obtain a sworn statement from persons who make complaints against police personnel.  


We also encourage the citizens of Port Arthur to let us know when they see or hear an officer or employee of the Port Arthur Police Department providing outstanding service or handing an incident exceptionally well. 

We thank you for taking the time to complete the Commendation Form and sharing your experience with us.