Healthy Mothers & Babies of Jefferson County

Our goal is to keep moms and babies as healthy as possible.

The Healthy Mothers & Babies of Jefferson County was established in 2018 to improve birth outcomes and reduce disparities that attribute to high death rates amongst moms and babies in Jefferson County. 

Since its creation, the coalition has partnered with local organizations to bring education and resources to moms in the community.

HMBJC Programs and Initiatives

Interested in one our programs? Call (409) 983-8845.

Outlined picture of a mother breastfeeding a child in a heart with the words Breastfeeding promotion

Breastfeeding has so many incredible benefits for both mom and baby! 

At HMBJC, we work to promote breastfeeding within our community by connecting you to existing local resources, establishing local organizations as Mother-Friendly Worksites, or celebrating breastfeeding at our annual Jefferson County Breastfeeding Celebrations (the JCBC)!

Providing a safe sleeping environment for your baby is critical to keeping your baby safe and healthy!

Since its establishment in 2018, HMBJC has trained over 25 local organizations as Cribs for Kids Safe Sleep Ambassadors, distributed over 1,500 infant sleep sacks and Pack-N-Plays through local hospitals and organizations, and promoted safe sleep practices through education and outreach.

A picture of a baby sleeping in a crib with the words Infant Safe Sleep Initiative
Outlined picture of a pregnant woman with the words Prenatal Nutrition Program

Nutrition is a key factor in having a healthy pregnancy!

One of the most important vitamins for pregnant women is folic acid. At least 400 micrograms of folic acid each day can reduce major birth defects in your baby's brain and spine by up to 70%! At HMBJC, we offer a FREE 6-month supply of prenatal vitamins for income-eligible, pregnant women.

HMBJC works to improve community awareness of critical mom and baby health topics through social media campaigns, resource connections, and promotion and education!  

Baby hand holding adult finger inside outlined picture of head with words the Knowledge Improvement

Jefferson County Resource Guide

A categorized list of local resources for mothers and babies.

  1. Child Care Services


  • 4680 HWY 365
  • (409) 962-1236


  • 2060 IRVING AVE
  • (409) 883-4155
  1. Community Services
  1. Dental Care (Espanol & Medicaid)
  1. Educational Resources
  1. Financial Support
  1. Food Assistance
  1. Health Agencies
  1. Health Insurance
  1. Housing
  1. Lactation Support
  1. Mental Health & Emotional Support
  1. OB/GYN
  1. Pediatrics
  1. Specialist
  1. Substance Abuse Assistance
  1. Transportation Services
  1. Victim's Assistance
  1. WIC

Additional Resources:

The Office of Disability Prevention for Children works to prevent developmental disabilities in infants and children from conception to age 12 through provider and public education, partnerships with other state agencies and stakeholders and evaluating state efforts to prevent developmental disabilities. For more information, visit