How do I connect, transfer or disconnect my service?

If you do not currently have active service in your name with City of Port Arthur Water Utilities, we require the following documentation: 

  • Picture ID (driver’s license), 
  • Proof of the address you want to connect (lease or contract) 
  • A copy of your social security card

Customers may come into the office* at 444 4th Street, or fill out the online application. You will be required to upload documentation when applying online. A non-refundable connection fee is due to connect water service. If applying in the office, the fee is due when you come in to request the service. If applying online, a representative from customer service will contact you (using the contact information you provide) with instructions on paying the connection fee prior to service connection. 

*Please be advised that COVID guidelines are being followed for entry and doing business with the City of Port Arthur. 

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