Tips for Trash Pick Up
  • Garbage containers must be placed curb side by 7 am on collection day and removed from the curb by 8 pm on the same day. Residents should not leave containers at the curb overnight following collection day.
  • All garbage other than heavy trash items (old furniture, household furnishings, yard waste, etc.) must be placed inside your 96-gallon container for pick-up. Waste that is outside the container will not be collected, and could result in a ticket and fine.
  • Items which could be reused should be donated to charity or other organizations whenever possible.
  • We suggest that you don't place odor-producing garbage, such as seafood waste, meats and old foods, in your 96-gallon container before collection day. If possible, refrigerate or freeze these items, then place in the container on collection day.

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1. Tips for Trash Pick Up
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