How do I connect, transfer or disconnect my service?
If you do not currently have active service in your name with City of Port Arthur Water Utilities, we require the following documentation: picture ID (driver's license), proof of the address you want to connect (lease or contract) and a copy of your social security card. You may come into the office at 444 4th Street or fill out the online application. You will be required to upload the documentation if applying online. A non-refundable connection fee is due to connect water service. If applying in the office, the fee is due when you come in to request the service. If applying online, the fee will be added to the first bill.

If you currently have active service, you may call (409) 983-8230 to connect an additional service. To add an additional service, your account must be current. We can generally provide next business day service as long as your request is received by 5 pm that day. It is necessary for someone to be at the location for the water to be turned on.

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3. How do I connect, transfer or disconnect my service?
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