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Container Service Contract

    Commercial Container Service Contract
  2. Complete and Return this completed contract to activate service and update customer records.
    The Water Utilities Department, Customer Service Division, in its effort to update commercial customer records, requests that you complete this container service contract. Please, return the completed contract, including a copy of your driver's license identification.
  3. Customer Information
  4. Service Location
  5. Financial
  6. Open/Close Gate Fee per pick up
    City of Port Arthur charges $10.00 for an Open/Close gate fee
  7. City Regulations for Containers:
    1. No wood, bricks, or metal is allowed in the container.
    2. No appliances, brush, or building materials of any kind.
    3. City of Port Arthur is not liable for any damages that occur on the owners premises.
  8. Contract for Refuse is needed to complete documentation required.
    Contract for Refuse is located at Utility Billing office.
    City Hall Annex
    First Floor
    Utility Billing
    444 4th Street
    Port Arthur, TX 77642
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