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Information Request Form

  1. Open Records Request
    All requests for information must be in writing and directed to the City Secretary as follows: City of Port Arthur City Secretary, Port Arthur City Hall, 444 4th Street, Room 430, P.O. Box 1089, Port Arthur, TX 77641-1089, Phone: (409) 983-8115 Fax: (409) 983-8128 E-mail:
  2. Terms of Agreement

    In making this request I understand that the City is under no obligation to create a document to satisfy my request or to comply with standing request for information. I understand and agree that the information requested may be confidential or otherwise exempt from public disclosure in accordance with requirements of the Texas Public Information Act or by other governing laws and will be redacted. I further understand that a request for "no redactions" will be sent to the Office of Texas Attorney General for evaluation and ruling as to what portions of the requested information may be withheld and what must be released; such submissions can take forty-five (45) or more days from date of submission. General Information can take up to ten (10) business days.

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  4. Describe the exact information you are requesting; include details that may help in locating the data, for example: person(s) involved, date of birth, provide specific dates or beginning and ending dates, time of event, location, reference numbers, case numbers, company of interest, name/type of report.

    A letter estimate of cost will be provided prior to processing if the charge exceeds $40.00.

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