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Speaker Request Form 2020


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    1. City Secretary

      Port Arthur City Hall, 444 4th Street, Room 430, P.O. Box 1089, Port Arthur, TX 77641-1089, Phone: (409) 983-8115 Fax: (409) 983-8128 E-mail:

    2. RULES OF PROCEDURE: Port Arthur Code of Ordinances - Sec: 2-73 (b), (1)-(2) and (d)

    3. (b) Persons requesting to be heard on agenda items.

    4. (1) Residents.

      Any resident who wishes to address the Council may do so by notifying the City Secretary no later than 5:00 p.m. on the Thursday prior to the scheduled meeting. The person shall specify the particular subject matter of such address. The City Secretary shall place the names of those requesting to address the Council on the agenda with the agenda item.

    5. (2) Nonresidents.

      Any nonresident wishing to address the Council shall notify the Secretary and specify their interest in the matter being considered. The Secretary shall present such request to the presiding officer for approval before placing the name on the agenda.

    6. (d) Limiting the number of speakers.

      For evening meetings, the city Secretary shall limit the number of speakers to five (5) as it pertains to items that are not listed on the Council Agenda for action. Additional speakers can be added to the next agenda. If a public hearing is called, there shall not be a limit as to the number of speakers who can address the City Council.

    7. 2020 Council Meeting Schedule: Select One (1). **Dates and Times are subject to change.*

    8. Please enter name of Speakers / Organization. If there is more than one (1) speaker, the total time allowed is five (5) minutes for all speakers on the same request.

    9. Please enter topic

    10. Please enter summary of topic

    11. Please list all contacts if applicable.