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Application for Excess Water/Sewer Letter

  1. CIty of Port Arthur
    Utility Operations Department
    Application for Excess Water/Sewer Letter
  2. I have requested an adjustment because of high water/sewer bills due to 1) high consumption caused by a waterline leak or 2) unexplained high consumption. In either case my consumption has returned to normal levels so that a sewer/water adjustment could be calculated. I have already received an adjustment of $250 which is the maximum amount that the Utilities Operation Department is authorized to credit to my account.
  3. I hereby request that Management of the Water Utilities Department credit my account for an excess sewer/water adjustment in the following amounts:
  4. I agree that I will be responsible for the balance after the total adjustment is credited to my account.
  5. I have signed and dated this application and I am returning it with another payment on my account so that the excess adjustment can be forwarded to Management for approval.
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